Below are just some of the ways that we deliver results. If you are after a service that isn't on the list please get in touch, and if we can't help you, we will point you in the direction of someone who can.


Technical decision support

Tying the combination of practical experience and current industry knowledge together to help make better decisions.

  • Farm systems

  • Feeding regimes

  • Farm plans

  • Technology investment


Feed budgeting and animal nutrition

The world of animal nutrition can be complex at times, but lets simplify it to making sure we provide what the animal needs to achieve its performance and production targets. 

  • Annual feed budgets

  • Winter feed budgets

  • Fodder beet feeding plans

  • Transition cow management

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Farm manuals and SOP development

Support to develop clear, documented procedures and policies. Get the farm systems and routines out of your head and into a tool that will help set expectations for farm teams, provide a risk mitigation tool and support compliance requirements.

  • Farm policy manuals

  • Standard operating procedure development

  • Support in creating the information needed to achieve Synlait Lead with Pride certification

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Young stock rearing specialist

Successful calf rearing systems are one of the simplest and most significant influences of lifetime performance for both dairy and beef animals.

  • System audits and suggestions

  • Management to support the achievement of pre-calving weights for dairy heifers and killing weights for beef rearing systems

  • Growth rate and target liveweight analysis

  • Grazier support and independent party review


Herd body condition scoring

DairyNZ accredited body condition score assessor.

  • Regular or one-off herd condition scores

  • Reporting and analysis

  • Management recommendations to achieve industry targets


Farm systems reviews and Farmax modelling

Using tools and whole farm assessment to evaluate the best fit for your system, farm and goals we can investigate different options such as changing stock number or stock classes, and how they might impact on the farm productivity, profitability and sustainability

  • Farmax Dairy

  • Farmax Red Meat


Animal monitoring

Have you purchased collars, eartags, milk meters or another monitoring system on farm, but are not sure you're getting the value from it?

  • Better understanding of the data and how it can be used

  • Simple on farm systems development

  • Report and data output customization to push the system furter

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Practical, hands on help

With years of on farm experience, I'm not afraid to jump in and get my hands dirty to help solve your immediate challenges. 

  • Farm crisis management

  • Farm oversight support

  • Solving herd record queries

  • System oversight - whats going well on a day to day basis and what could we change?