• Meg Simpson

Oh hi!

For those that don't know me, I'm Meg. I'm a farm consultant based out of Geraldine, South Canterbury and I've recently taken the step out on my own as Simpson Ag Solutions.

I've got the practical balance that comes from a Southland sheep and beef farm upbringing, a Lincoln education, a number of years milking cows and managing dairy farms in Canterbury and most recently working as a farm consultant.

I specialize in the "grass roots" stuff, like feed budgets and herd nutrition, successful calf and young stock rearing systems, farm systems and manuals/SOP development, Farmax modelling as well as being accredited for herd condition scoring. I'm also not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get my boots dirty if you need some crisis management, someone to help get to the bottom of your Minda queries or just want some practical solutions to making your farm and days run smoother.

Get in touch with me on 027 464 5876 if you would like to chat farming, or follow me here for cow pictures, industry insights and the odd recipe that's good to throw in the slow cooker over calving time.

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